New Streetcars in Toronto

after many years of service the CLRV’s and ALRV’s that have run through the streets of Toronto will soon be making way for the new streetcars a version of the Bombardier Flexity Outlook. After a few delays from Bombardier including strikes and trouble receiving parts it looks liked things should be on track to receiving more of them. Currently there are 6 of them in Toronto with only four in revenue service. The four in service are car numbers 4400, 4403, 4404, and 4405. 4401, and 4402 are on site but are not ready for service yet and are being used for training as well as for testing upgrades that they are making, eventually they will be sent back to Bombardier to have an issue with the ramp fixed so they can go it to service. Hopefully by the end of the year we should have 30 of them in service on the 510 spadina, the 509 harbourfront route and the 511 bathurst route. As they have comer into service I have tried my best to get video and pictures of them you can view them at the links below if you like.

New Toronto Streetcar 001

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