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Disney and Star Wars rant

So there are some things I don’t get about this whole thing. One why does Disney have to make Star Wars movies now is it because all of there other Science Fiction movies have failed so they want to cash in on an existing franchise. Another thing why is everyone all over this J.J>. Abrams guy as being a great director, I never watched Lost so don’t know what he was like on that but I personally think he ruined the new Star Trek movies and Disney is heading that way with the new Star Wars ones. Another thing I don’t get is why does Disney have to add a Star Wars land to the Disney’s Hollywood Studios park in Walt Disney World. About the only time they have long lines for Star Wars stuff is during Star Wars weekends which are only in June, pretty much the rest of the time you can just walk on to Star Tours. Personally I am more excited to see what they do with Avatrland in Disney’s Animal Kingdom rather then see them ruin Star Wars they way Paramount ruined Star Trek.