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Random story from my childhood

My scars 001 My scars 002 My scars 003 My scars 004

It was when I was about 3 or 4 sometime when I was in kindergarten. I remember going to the hospital for sick children in Toronto. After arriving there and signing in I was taken to a room where I had to change out of my clothes into a gown and slippers. I think I got to keep my underwear on, and then I was taken to a room to get a blood test. After the blood test I went to a play room to watch TV before the surgery. A few minutes before I was supposed to go into surgery they said they needed to do another blood test, when that was done I was running late for the operation so a nurse took me in to the OR.
Once in the OR I had to lie down on the table with my head on a rubber donut and they gave me an injection to put me under. About 15 to 20 minutes later I woke up not really knowing where I was and I was trying to sit up before my eyes were open. After they had adjusted my bed so I could sit up I was wheeled to another room where I was given my clothes, I think I had to put my underwear back on. Once I was back in my clothes it was time to go home.

Some other things I remember about it. I’m not really sure If I ever saw the surgeon before my surgery so I don’t really remember them much but I do remember after it having to go get my stitches out and I remember seeing him in a sort of cubicle type room and he took them out at his desk.